Children's Picnics

From Teddy Bears picnic theme to Enchanted Fairy Forest we can bring a fabulous picnic together for your child and their friends. Adventures in the woods to pirates on the beach.

Because we know as parents that children like simple fillings for their sandwiches we only offer the following, however you are more than welcome to suggest other fillings if you know the children attending your party will like them:

Sandwich fillings:
Ham, Cheese, Egg, Jam - as standard one of each flavour will be in the picnic box

You can then choose form the following additional foods:
Sausage Rolls
Sticky sausages on sticks
Farmhouse chedder chunks
Fresh fruit

Rice Crispie Cakes
Small butterfly cakes
Cake pop-ups

Additional Extras

Related goodies:
Stickers, stationery, sweets, chocolates - depending on party theme
Candyfloss machine or bags of candy floss
Specific themed cups, plates, bunting.

Carton based juices for less spill:

Picnic Boxes:
We have a range of coloured boxes available or you can choose themed boxes for each child.

Please note: if you are aware of any allergies we will do our best to accommodate and help find something suitable for the children to eat.

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